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Brown Board

Brown Board for packing fragile items in boxes and transporting them safely.

Cardboard Slip Sheets

Cardboard Slip Sheets suitable for creating custom printed boxes for shipping purposes.

Corrugated Board

Corrugated Board white on both sides, suitable for flexo printing and the creation of luxury large boxes.

Corrugated Cardboard Brown/White

Corrugated Cardboard Brown/White, suitable for making various transport packages to order.

Corrugated Carton

Corrugated Carton, suitable for the production of various courier and transport packaging with printing.

Corrugated Carton Boards

Corrugated Carton Boards for the creation of transport packages and boxes for heavier products.

Corrugated Paper Board

Corrugated Paper Board, suitable for making strong transport boxes and packaging.

Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated Sheets of high quality, suitable for the creation of luxury transport boxes.

Grey Board

Grey Board suitable for creating luxury jewelry boxes, gifts and luxury bottles.

Grey Carton Board

Grey Carton Board for creating strong walls of a luxury jewelry box and gift box.

Grey Carton Boards

Grey Carton Boards suitable for making luxury custom jewelry boxes.


A Greyboard suitable for making luxury custom gift wrapping.