Automation Design


Injection Mold Testing Tool


Project was created for German company specialized in manufacturing injection mold testing devices. Our role was to redesign existing embedded softwares UX and UI Design. As addition we take care about Industrial Design of the machine. Old version has many ergonomical and user experience issues which needed to be solved to meet new industry standards.

The Process

We started our work from factory inspection and user interviews. We used user shadowing methodology to identify major usability problems. With informations about use cases and users, we start to develop several propositions of the combined UX and ID solution. Althrough the process we closely cooperated with company engineers and management.


We created innovative and fresh solution which was ahead of our client competition. Our design was appreappreciated on european trade fairs, and resulted in many preorders of the injection mold testing solution. Based on the success of our work client decided to redesign whole line of the software and machines.