Alcobuster – Breathalyser Solution

Alcobuster – Breathalyser Solution


Alcobuster was a seed startup created by a single entrepreneur. We joined the team to build solution which give users possibility to check their blood alcohol level. We help as a consultants, service and product designers. We have accompanied Alcobuster owner thought development process.

The Process

We started our process by preparing user reaserch and creating detiled Service Blueprint to give our client visual representation of overall issues and potential problems during development and “go to market” product developing stages. During workshops with our client we developed refined solution and created implementation architecture to avoid dead ends and save implementation time. With this architecture we started to develop software and hardware design of the solution.


We created Landing Page, Mobile App, and device Industrial Design. With a minimalistic design and innovative user experience solutions. The main group of clients is people from 24 to 35 years old. Who often go out to the city for parties and meetings. Then they want to be sure they are able to drive a car in the morning. With Alcobuster solution they can find with help of the mobile app, stationary breathalyzer device near their location at grocery shops and gas stations.