Augmented Reality Real Estate App


Project done during contract in Comarch Finance. Proceed in remote cooperation with PM based in the USA, and on-site cooperation with developers specialized at VR/AR and Voice software. 

The Problem

The problem was the shrinking amount of real estate for sale in the USA. This problem causes the lack of  leads for mortgage advisers, real estate agencies and real estate search engines. 

Before the web or mobile Real Estate browser delivered to the users automatic information about the overall cost of loans, but didn’t present rates from previous users. It generates empty inquiry and  abandoned baskets. Additionaly Financial and Real Estate companies searching for new ways to attract clients with Augmented Reality functionality.  

Goals and Design Principles

The main goal was to check the technology of image recognition based on the AI algorithms and create user friendly app. Consisting of the conversation interface and the AR interface. Including user heuristic characteristic and voice chatbot based on the fixed dialog tree.

The Process

The first step was to analyse clients inquiries and the research of benchmark applications. While the app was creating the AR technology was in early development stage. It was time when Apple developed ARKit.

There was a proof of concept application which was tested on the users in the USA. To test conception of utilize real estate machine learning visual recognition technology for the real estate market.

Trade Offs

During the development process we was pushed to resignate from voice chat directions and focus at major functionality – visual recognition technology. Where marking pins at real estate video show informations about prices and loan possibilities. This decision was taken after the first user testing in the USA.

You receive detailed information from chatbot. Try “Siri, any elementary schools nearby?” 

You can find the Real Estates for sale near your location on the map.


The Chatbot module integrated with Apple Siri.

Working instance at Comarch Innovation Showroom in Cracow.